Wigwam Club Plus BWP 710 Plywood

High Density, Both side Calibrated, Marine Grade Ply

WIGWAM CLUB PLUS is a premium quality Marine grade plywood. WIGWAM CLUB PLUS BWP 710 is a product designed for high-value creative needs and premium class wood working.


  • 100% hardwood made
  • Pre-assembled panels to reduce gaps
  • Zero core defects and increased strength
  • Extreme resistance to all climatic conditions
  • Highly stable, Warp resistant
  • Best Adhesion within Layers
  • Double surface sanding for Superior surface smoothness
  • Glue Line Protection and Preservative treatment
  • 31 years warranty.


WIGWAM CLUB PLUS is a premium quality Marine grade plywood. WIGWAM CLUB PLUS BWP 710 is a product designed for high-value creative needs and premium class wood working. The WIGWAM CLUB PLUS BWP 710 plywood is manufactured from ‘all hardwood veneers’ which 100 percent are tenderised and phase wise dried to bring down to a uniform moisture of 6 %.

Made with complete ‘8×4 Core & Panels’ and ‘180 degree flat layers’, every second wood veneer is layered with specifically developed resin of 60.0 % solid content through a 8 feet long glue spreader.

With single stage Phenol Formaldehyde Resin formula, each composing goes through tetra cycle process of four times pressing. WIGWAM CLUB PLUS plywood is pressed at an extremely high temperature of 160 Degree Celsius and 400 lbs line pressure per square centimetre. This special product range of WIGWAM CLUB PLUS BWP MARINE Plywood confirming to IS 710 Standard is a unique range that is offered for the 1st time in India.

As a result, WIGWAM CLUB PLUS 710 Plywood can withstand any extreme weather condition, fluctuating temperature and humidity, alternate wetting and drying and other adversaries which are the prerequisites for plywood used in Marine applications and Furniture and woodworking needs around coastal areas.

Being passed through Vacuum Pressure treatment process, it guarantees protection against borers & termites.

Due to its nature of the application and wide exposure to soil and moisture prone environment, it is made to prevent fungal and micro bacterial attacks. The samples of WIGWAM CLUB PLUS BWP 710 Marine grade plywood specially undergoes a test to check its resistance against micro-organism. It is dimensionally stable and an ideal choice for high-quality projects.



Any place where you need solid plank, use WIGWAM CLUB PLUS plywood with IS 710, Perfect for Interior and Exterior uses like Furniture, Fixtures in Veranda, balcony and basements, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Door Panels, Partitions, Load bearing areas, Roof, stairs and Boxes, Canopies and Shelters, Boat and Ship building, fencing and Porta cabins etc.


IS 710, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, CE, FSC


8×4, 7×4, 8×3, 7×3 (feet)


6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm,25mm

Disclaimer: Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to the image shown. As plywood is made out of natural timber actual thickness may marginally vary

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