WPC Panels


  1. Light weight, waterproof
  2. Good hardness with a smooth and shiny surface
  3. Excellent formability
  4. High impact resistance
  5. Good resistance to abrasion
  6. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  7. Easy to install and clean
  8. Recyclable with a long service life
  9. Dimensional accuracy

It is the best substitute for wood and sustains water, and hence it uses in place of plywood for the exterior of home and offices.

Its application includes deco-panels, grills, solid doors, 3D decorative panels, door frames, etc. You can form different designs and brings flexibility in design. Even it can use all the general tools of plywood. Due to its high density, WPC board are stronger and being high on internal and exterior strength. 

WPC composed of 15% wood powder, 70% virgin polymer, and rest 15% additives.

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