Wigwam Contender Fire Retardant Plywood

Boiling Water Proof, High Density Marine Grade, Super Fire Retardant

WIGWAM CONTENDER is a super fire-retardant plywood with extremely good resistance capacity from fire…


  • Lesser tendency of spark and ignite
  • Conforms standards of Marine Plywood (710).
  • 100% Hardwood.
  • Slow burning
  • Decreased chances of fire to spread over the surface of the plywood
  • Low flammability and lesser smoke generation
  • Higher flame penetration time
  • Specially formulated fireproofing chemicals infusion
  • High density
  • Life Time Warranty with 100% cashback


WIGWAM CONTENDER is a super fire-retardant plywood with extremely good resistance capacity from fire. This special grade is treated with proven fire retardant chemicals at the time of manufacture and completely composed with high density hard wood veneers. With boiling water proof marine grade quality standards, WIGWAM CONTENDER is uniquely processed for creating a super resistance from fire.

WIGWAM CONTENDER FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD is manufactured as per IS:5509 specifications that ensures the flammability test, rate of burning and flames to penetrate in plywood as per the Bureau of Indian Standards.

WIGWAM CONTENDER Plywood is advisable to be used in public places, where the risk of fire has to be reduced. The areas such as in kitchen woodwork of large restaurants, interior woodwork public auditoriums, theatres and banquet halls. WIGWAM CONTENDER FR Plywood is very suitable for every application in premium homes and villas as it confirms to all requisites of IS 710 and IS 5509. It can be used in railway compartments of railway trains or other public transport or station facilities. WIGWAM CONTENDER FR Plywood is the most suitable plywood panel for high rise commercial buildings as this will prevent the occupants from fire and fumes for an extended period of time to provide enough escape time.

WIGWAM CONTENDER FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD is the best product for any interior wood working, specially at such places where the risk and spread of fire has to be reduced.

WIGWAM CONTENDER FR Ply resists Spark and Ignite without any penetration. It offers
30 % lesser smoke generation with extended flame penetration time. It offers very Slow burning, having a decreased tendency of the fire to spread over the surface of the plywood.


Applications :

Ships, Bus coaches, Cinema Halls, High rise buildings, Restaurants, Railway Coaches, Vehicle Bodies in Boiler House, Kitchen, Inner Roof Wall Linings, Exhibition Stalls, Public places, Offices, Homes etc

Certification :

IS:5509, IS 710, ISO 9001: 2015 , ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, CE, FSC

Size :

8×4, 7×4 (feet)

Thickness :

6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm


Disclaimer: Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to image shown. As plywood is made out of natural timber actual thickness may marginally vary.

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